In December 2017, with reverence, I let go of This is the Flow.
Thank you to those who have travelled and supported me. To stay connected, email
- I will be birthing new medicine, new courses and new teachings. but first... I am resting and listening to where I am called next.

Soft present stillness
Take me away
To the quite place inside
Where I can pray

Kneeling to surrender
My golden soul shines
Reach blessed attainment
Beholding the signs

Systematic synergy
Like lights in the sky
My destination so near
Help me say goodbye

Lone benevolent dancer
Between heaven and earth
I’m incongruous to either
An undergraduate of rebirth

Embrace my paths purpose
Guided by intuition
My ’knowing’ is the compass
Towards the next transition

Undergraduate of rebirth
by Louise Carron Harris, Copyright 2014